How To Create Sharable Content For Social Media

How hard can it be to create highly shareable content for social media? The truth is that the more social media develops in popularity, the harder it is to get noticed by search engine algorithms. As a business, your main challenge is getting past the current social noise. In the current marketing atmosphere only the best content gets recognised by search engines and shared. The reason for this is that search engines want to provide only the best results to their viewers. So then, how can you provide your audience with the best possible content? Fortunately there are some guidelines online and this article will discuss a few techniques to help you reach better results.

Why set sharing goals for your content?

Engagement is vital to offering your viewers reassurance that if they return to your site or social media platform, they will not be disappointed to find stagnant or old content. You do not have to immediately jump in to a daily posting routine. Start with a weekly posting schedule and first take the time to find the needs and responses of your audience. Your audience will tell you what their needs are and if you give viewers what they want, chances are that you will become sharable.


Competing for viewers might seem as a basic requisite for getting noticed, however it is largely looked over or underestimated. You are not only competing against companies that offer a service similar to your business. You are also competing against reducing audience interests as social media and products evolve.

So how exactly do I create highly shareable content?

1) Capitalize on trending topics. If you are struggling to come up with new ideas for content around your brand, there are a vast number of quality examples online that could offer you inspiration. A bit of research can go a long way. As an example, try to post content that is relevant to events that are happening around the time of your post.

2) Tell stories. Storytelling helps your audience to relate to your product.

- Tell immersive stories

- Add a personal element to your stories

- Have a good structure / research storytelling

- Show more and tell less

- Remember to always leave your viewers with a positive note or takeaway point

3) Validate your audience's opinions. By discussing and elaborating on opinions that your audience shares, you will provide your audience with "proof" or validation that adds to whatever social discussion your viewers might find themselves in. This makes your content even more sharable. Consider their demographic, industry and popular opinions within your audience's industry.

4) Create useful content. If you want your content to be shared, it will need to be useful to your audience. Your content has to address a problem or question that requires answers. Emphasis can be made through images or video content which contributes to certain points being made.

5) Share buttons and links. If your content is physically hard to find or share, chances are that it will not get shared even if it offers value. Make sure that it is easy for your audience to share your content before you publish it.


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