What is social media?

Social media is in essence an internet based, virtual means of communication. This technology enables the sharing of digital information (text, photos, videos, audio, etc) with the primary use being communication through text. Social media was originally developed as a tool to enhance the methods of communication between people, often falling under the categories of friends and family. As social media platforms began to show their true potential, through exponential growth in popularity and use, it was not long before its advantage to businesses was made apparent. As it became easier for people to associate themselves to even narrower groups within social media, businesses found it easier to find their targeted audiences. 

The role that social media plays in assisting businesses is significant. The wealth of information and ability to categorise this information, affords companies’ the possibility to implement multiple niche market based strategies. Social media therefore focuses marketing strategies. Social media also decreases the amount of time taken to develop and implement marketing strategies. Another very important aspect to social media which works closely with business is loyalty. Without brand loyalty there is a risk of your company getting ignored. Your competitors will reach the hyper targeted audience that you have. Without your involvement, your audiences’ mindshare will be owned by your competitors. Non-involvement has been coined by the general viewer as negligence on the companies’ part - towards its client base. No public trust in this regard means no business.


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