Why social media?

There is a multitude of benefits that social media has to offer businesses. Increased brand awareness being the biggest benefit. On the surface you get exposure through advertising through these platforms. The often unforeseen benefits are the content shares and interactions, that your business might get from satisfied customers. It is therefore possible to have adverts multiply rapidly and instantly, with every mention and share by customers through social media. Another benefit of social media for business is statistics. Social media can offer your brand insight to how your product is performing and where your clients are most satisfied. Differences between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 can further this point. 

Social media is based on “Web 2.0” which is the term for the current, newer generation of internet. Web 2.0 encourages the active participation of information sharing as well as collaboration between sites. The evolution of the World Wide Web, has seen certain business standards change. In the former Web 1.0 information was static for the most part. Changes in displayed information were slow and websites served a purpose similar to a poster. Websites in Web 2.0 are more dynamic and rapid changing. Verification and integration within Web 2.0 have set the standards higher for social media marketing strategies. Fast moving platforms (microblogging) now offer a company (regardless of size) a chance at spreading messages like wildfire. Conversations about a specific industry or the nature of a specific company are currently taking place. Microblogging offers company owners the opportunity to lead the direction of these conversations, towards their benefit. 


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