Top 3 Reasons why your brand does NOT get noticed.

Updated: Apr 27

Consistency [1] Consumers purchase in accordance with subconscious decisions when faced with a choice between two similar products. It is therefore vital to a company's success strategy to incorporate a strong communication standard. You may be under the impression that first impressions matter the most. This is true to the initial impression but not so much when loyalty and understanding is concerned. A flashy logo and slogan is great, even advantageous, however consistent aim and proven promise is where loyal develops. Poor brand consistency could easily spiral down into a negative image and chase away existing customers. ​ Relevance [2] If you simply do not offer something different from the crowd, how do you expect to stand out in such a noisy environment? Modern ways of feeding information to consumers is becoming easier to do. With mass reach and automated functionality, your competitors are feeding your target market with information even whilst they sleep. Be relevant and put yourself in a position that allows you to get noticed in the first place. ​ Voice [3] Your brand is your story, which you share with your client base in order to improve their lives. Your story, is your significance furthered beyond the initial purchase. A good story defines your company's purpose, core values and mission. Here you are offering experience as well. When two rival products are going head to head in a marketing war, experience can easily set the winner apart from the loser. A great company's customers may feel as though they’d risk losing access, to this somehow sublime experience of being a part of your brand if they don’t buy, follow, or sign up immediately.

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